Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Not that long ago, when I was living in Amsterdam, I was surrounded by the most amazing group of friends. Somehow we all met at a peak time in our lives, where hedonism was everything and sleep was hard to come by. This is the soundtrack to those days, which came to a climax in 2009. Included are tunes for parties, hangovers and everything in between. It is best enjoyed on the rocks.

Here's a shout out to Max, Nina, Rigel, Justin, Josha, Sietze, Dorothy, Diana, Nate, Laura and everybody else that got sucked into the Barge Brothers vortex and survived.

Good times!

Tracks include (randomized playback)
  • Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Steak for Chicken - The Moldy Peaches
  • The Penalty - Beirut
  • Sleepyhead - Passion Pit
  • Nice Fox - The Rosebuds
  • Punkrocker (Feat. Iggy Pop) - Teddybears
  • Yeah (Crass Version) - LCD Soundsystem
  • Golden Prize - Apes & Androids
  • Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • In the NA - The Hidden Cameras
  • Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
  • Bad Kids - Black Lips
  • The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  • Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches
  • Alala - CSS
  • To Have And To Have Not - Billy Bragg
  • Keep Me In Mind - Little Joy
  • Hide It Away - Retribution Gospel Choir
  • Big Mouth Strikes Again - The Smiths
  • Kids - MGMT
  • Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine

Pic via Justin Blyth /

Pic via Justin Blyth /

Pic via Justin Blyth /


  1. Followed link from 8tracks,
    very cool pictures and music

  2. you should have stayed. i'm having my own amsterdamage moments this past year and saw your mix on 8 tracks. now deciding whether to give it up and head back to oz or stay here and keep dreaming of being young/irresponsible for ever.. leaning towards the latter ;)

  3. It sounds like you are not ready to leave the dirty Dam. Enjoy it while you can! You'll know when it's time to leave...

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  5. Followed the link from 8tracks, and I am loving this post! Now I wanna go to Amsterdam!

  6. started listening to the music on 8tracks, so far I like every song. The photos look like you had a wild crazy fun time. Makes me want to travel again :)

  7. I can't wait for my Dam trip, great music and great friends, that's all you need, well besides the obvious. Followed the link from 8tracks, great selection of music and the pictures are inspiring. Live life to it's fullest.

  8. Came here from 8tracks! Looks like you all had fun!