Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Queensday!

Today, sadly, I am not getting drunk, not dressing in orange, not eating dubious streetfoods, not on a boat on a canal, not falling into canals, not buying second hand clothes, not paying one Euro to pee in a stranger's apartment, not partying until the crack of dawn, not dancing to the sound of whistles and vuvuzela's, not taking a variety of miscellaneous illegal substances, not drinking out of cups, not making new friends with strangers, not getting 'married' to my best friend with a fake ring and a one Euro dress, and most definitely I will not have the hangover of the year tomorrow.

Happy Queensday to all my dear friends in Amsterdam! Have one on me please!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Karl Lagerfeld x Magnum Saga Continues

I'm not even going to try to take any of this serious. Has the chocolate gotten to his brain?

If the commercials he directed to promote Magnum ice cream weren't bad enough, Uncle Karl has now also created a life sized chocolate sculpture of his imaginary boyfriend Baptiste Giabiconi! Who at Magnum said 'Yes Karl, that sounds like a wonderful idea' to this?! That's what I want to know.

Just look at these pics and watch him touch his chocolate muse in order to get completely freaked out by Karl obsessing over Giabiconi. At least he put some tighty whities on the poor bastard... although the thought of a chocolate johnson does suddenly make me feel rather peckish. 

The world has gone insane...

Destination: Morocco

When non-Dutch people are prompted to name some things Holland is known for you probably don't get much further than cheese, tulips and clogs. For me as a native Dutchie being put on the spot about Morocco's treasures, I sadly wouldn't get past things like sandy beaches, kaftans, and tajines. Well, Sandra at 5 inch and up, just made me rethink that. With the below pictures from her recent trip to Morocco, she put the country on my map as quite a fashion forward place. She found to die for bags, super cool jewelry and all sorts of other covetable and yummy items that make me want to book a trip and go there to soak up some more knowledge about the country and poke around the souks myself!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gordy's Camera Straps

Gordon Coale (Gordy, for friends) started making camera straps because he wanted one for himself and couldn't find anything he was interested in. Handmade with California Latigo belt leather, which comes from range toughened steer hides, his hand made camera straps are tough, flexible, and pliable, with a natural luster that only improves with age. You can purchase them via his website.

Pretty awesome if you ask me! 

Stuff for looking

Property of...

A lot of things seem harder for men... like hitchiking, getting a drink in a crowded bar, and finding the right bag. For the first two men will have to rely on their persistance and patience. For the bag, they can now turn to Property of... a brand of men's bags and accessories designed by cafe owners and design collaborators Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain.

What's cool about the brand is that it fills a gap in the market between sloppy backpacks, tired bike messenger bags and ye olde boring briefcase, making their product perfectly covetable for casual guys that are looking for an everyday bag with a smart approach. 

The Property of... Amsterdam flagship store, located on a beautiful canal in the old city center, reflects its 'store in a cafe' origins by showcasing stylish collections of contemporary accessories in an old style cafe/bistro setting. Bags and wallets are displayed on antique cafe furniture, adding character and making you feel right at home. A truly relaxed environment for browsing, buying and enjoying a freshly brewed Stumptown cappuccino, for which you are always welcome in this gem of a store.

For the unfortunate ones amongst us that are currently not in the vicinity of Amsterdam's canals, their webshop offers all styles and colors. And if that is not enough there are about 150 retail locations worldwide (including Barneys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Fred Segal and Galeries Lafayette) that can satisfy your itch for Property of... .