Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garage sale

Being Dutch and all did not prepare me for my first ever garage sale here in the Pacific North West. Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised by said shopping experience, in the comfort of somebody else's bargain hunters infested home, when my friend Gale invited me to tag along. 

What I found there seemed at first like a useless bunch of porcelain trinkets, unreadable books, wobbly tables, broken christmas ornaments, hair rollers from the seventies and clothes that will never come back into fashion. But after I got past the overwhelming level of crap it turned into a a magic treasure hunt of epic proportions. Making sure not to miss anything, I think we spent over an hour in an area not bigger than most people's living room. 
Below you can check out a chunk of my loot, which includes red frame sunglasses, a silver and gemstone cuff bracelet, an engraved glass jewelry box, a hand embroidered cotton hand towel, an English porcelain plate and a sixties copper necklace. Thanks Gale, that was awesome!

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff and fun times all for less than
    a bottle of good wine!