Monday, April 25, 2011

Terrible photography

I wrote about my lacking photography skills when I was in LA, and promised to post my efforts.  So here we go... 

The first roll of film was completely ruined because of Max's old camera. It  had a screw loose so the film didn't load properly which I only noticed after taking about 20 photo's over the course of 2 weeks. So the fact that none came out wasn't solely my fault. I blame it on technical malfunction.
I then proceeded to buy a cheap plastic Holga 35mm camera for 30 bucks on the last day of our trip, with which I took the below pictures.
Of the 24 pictures on this roll of film, only 8 came out sort of ok. And that means that they are not black, have my thumb on it, or are overexposed, twice exposed or otherwise compromised. They are however horribly cropped and all different from what I thought they were going to be. I was hoping for that specific leaking light and bright colors that Holga camera's are known for, but that seemed to have gotten lost completely. 

With suitable embarrassment I herewith present you with my least crappy photos. 

The Santa Monica pier.
Could have been a perfectly boring picture if I had managed to get the whole ferris wheel in the frame.

Same here. This was supposed to at least have the top right corner of the wheel. 

The contrast of colors was so much cooler in real life. 

An act of patriotism. Would have been better with more palm tree and more color.

Not that you would believe me based on this pale picture, but this helicopter looked like a silver ball in a bright blue sky with fierce green trees.

The beach. Nothing to see here, let's move on.

I have a friend called Nate who says 'Dumb.' to pretty much everything.
He would definitely call this picture of five trees that.

Back in Seattle. A very messy and grey photo.

Some fruit at Pike Place Market. Whatever.

This one really cracked Max up...
Nice powerlines blocking the shot of the Space Needle!

I really want to take a photography class now, as these are horrible. 


  1. we live and learn, viv.... keep on going and you will master it.... it's not so bad! x ka

  2. thanks for your encouragement ka... i surely need it!

  3. sometimes pictures say nothing....but what you r saying about the photos let them say a hell of a lot more than of crap photo's I've seen in galaries and books....there's more to the picture than the eye can see....
    :-)) xReneez

  4. Your sarcastic comments make it! I had to laugh out loud, isn't that what it's all about? Also my favorite are the 5 trees.
    N xx

  5. Hahahaha, then at least there is the entertainment factor!