Monday, April 11, 2011

My favorite fragrances

I have been on a fragrance kick for quite a while now. I tend to pick mine based on lightness and femininity. Scents that are too bold, sweet or heavy just give me headaches and might bother the people around me. I am quite loyal to my favorite scents, so I rotate them along with my moods until the very last drop. I am terribly addicted to rose and peony scents though... just can't help myself falling for these time and time again. I am ready for something new now though, and would love to hear your recommendations!

These are my favorites... 

Vert Pivoine by Histoires de Parfums is a fresh and floral mix that I discovered at SPRMRKT in Amsterdam. It was love at first sight, as I am a sucker for roses and peonies, but it does tend to fade rather quickly. Aside from the notes I already mentioned, this fragrance also includes Feuille de Lierre, Mimosa, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Cedar and Musk.

Got Rose Ikebana by Hermès as a birthday present from my brother once, and it was the first fragrance that I didn't pick myself and actually loved. With notes of rose, peony, magnolia, pink peppercorn, rhubarb, grapefruit zest, and vanilla honey it is very gentle and feminine. Day or night, this is an all time favorite.

Calypso Mimosa will always remind me of New York summers, as I discovered it walking past the Calypso store on Mott Street on one hot day in July many, many moons ago. It blends in perfectly with the scent of hot sidewalks and light cotton dresses. With notes of mimosa, green leaves, rose and jasmine it is the perfect powder-soft scent for breezy summer days.

A bit more grown up than the rest of my picks, the notes for this floral yet leathery scent include iris, lily of the valley, mimosa, tuberose and climbing rose. A very old worldly kind of scent that makes me lust for sepia colors, lace and hats with veils.

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