Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LA, I ♥ you

Without ever having been here before, I was hating on LA for years based on some stuff I'd heard: the people are fake, they're all wannabes and name droppers, blah blah, oh my god, etc.. But waking up to the city of angels in all its glory completely changed my point of view. From my balcony I can pretty much spit on the Santa Monica pier, the beaches are golden, the rays of sunlight are licking the winter out of my skin, the service is great, and well... did I mention the sunshine yet?

Also, hotel life is fairly fabulous with a pool, a gym and 24 hour room service. 

Can I stay here? Please? I promise I'll be good!

Poolside lounging

The view from our balcony

Santa Monica pier

Hustle and bustle on the pier
Having your fortune told by a plastic guy named Zoltan only costs a quarter,
which is a reason in itself to move here

Sugar rush

Kiddie ride
I'm so going in here!

LA, I love you.


  1. Be careful what you wish for from Zoltan!

  2. Thanks for the advice:) What should I wish for from Zoltan though? I would take a recommendation from a connoisseur!

  3. What hotel are you in babe? Need to take note...