Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld x Magnum

Ok, maybe I don't have enough of a sense of humor, but the commercial Karl Lagerfeld directed for Magnum ice cream is total horror. I haven't even gotten over his recent Cocal Cola Light disaster, and now this? Seriously, when you get paid like he does he should come up with something that doesn't look like a high school film project. 

The spot, which is part of a series, features Rachel Bilson as a 5'2" ice cream eating fashion model and as his favorite accessory Baptiste Giabiconi as an annoying photographer. Lagerfeld himself is sparing himself the embarrassment of being seen in front of the lens.

At the commercial's premiere party in NY, Karl's Diet Coke waiter followed him around to keep his other pay check happy. And when asked why he even teamed up with Magnum even though he admits he doesn't eat sugar he said: “I like advertising. I love my job in fashion. I love my job as a photographer, but making films was something I hadn’t done. If I was isolated in one job, I would get bored." Besides, he adds: “I would eat ice cream if I could. I made advertisements for Dom Perignon Champagne, and I don’t drink alcohol. After all, I’m a dress designer and I don’t wear dresses." Well, sounds like a crock of shit to me, Karl. At least admit that you're in it for the money.

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