Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chair envy

Ever since I was invited to my friend M.'s house in Amsterdam I have been suffering from Chair Envy. He has all the great chairs that one could wish for, like the Cherner pretzel chair, the organic chair by Saarinen, and also the Eames molded plywood lounge chair. I pretty much want all of them, and since we just suffered through a transatlantic move without our furniture I figure that now is a good time to get some. The apartment is still empty aside from a couch and a mattress. But what we need most of all are four to six dining room chairs, and one lounger or rocking chair.

I am drooling over the below pictures which I have no credits for and I am borrowing from the great internet. Our apartment is kind of industrial looking, with lots of windows and exposed brick walls, so we are leaning towards some design classics. Would love to hear your suggestions on which chairs you like!

These Eames Eiffel chairs would go with pretty much any table

The Eames molded plywood lounger. I prefer the darker version though. 

The Eames rocking chair. I love their new colors (not pictured)!

This simple mix of cool chairs definitely spices up this setting 

More Eames

The Cherner could really go just about anywhere 

The Eames rocker again

Saarinen's organic chair

Something completely different: I don't know who made this, but I love the colors

Eames + color


  1. The Eames and Cherners are beautiful and very well to mix with good kitsch. Looks great in an industrial surrounding with brick walls........... Or check out the chair-designs of the Fifty´s, ask Betty Draper! Try to find these designs in 2nd hand, redo them your way with funny colors or crazy fabric, and uhhhh, anyway, I like your blog so I can read/see what you are up to. By the way Saarinen & rest of your favorites look a little Sixty´s, oder?? Saludos, Schnaar

  2. love all the chairs, but the cherner pretzel is a stand out.