Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hilfiger Denim Live - The Kids of America

So all my friends in Amsterdam are going to this rad party tonight. It's called Hilfiger Denim Live and it's at Paradiso

Acts include Sky Ferreira, Holy Ghost!, Lissy Trullie and Tommie Sunshine and local acts De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Tom Trago and Dekmantel Soundsystem.

I'm so bummed I'm missing it! I was there last time, and I had so much fun I practically crawled out of there the when the place closed.

If you're in the neighborhood you should go. Tix are only 15 Euro, and there are still a few available at the Hilfiger Denim Stores in Amsterdam and at the door of Paradiso.

Here's a little background info on why Tommy Hilfiger, the man behind the preppy brand with the same name and its younger Hilfiger Denim line that this party is linked to, would showcase all these cool acts. He said he would have never been a designer if it weren't for Rock 'n Roll music. Back in the sixties (think Woodstock, The Stones and Hendrix), he couldn't find an 'A' on his guitar and couldn't sing for the life of him, so he decided he at least wanted to look like a rock star. He went to NY and bought a bunch of bell bottoms for himself, and sold a pile to his friends out of the back of his car in his home town of Elmira. And when that turned out to be successful, he opened a store called Peoples Place, selling jeans, records and incense. Pretty cool story when you consider this was the beginning of a successful fashion empire, and that it all began with a teenage, long haired and bell bottomed boy named Tommy who wanted to be a rockstar. 

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