Saturday, June 4, 2011

Typography: Which Font Do You Like?

So, I'm planning to create a title banner for my blog and  I'm considering my font options. There are so many styles out there that I am a little overwhelmed. I think I will try to keep it simple, and keep colors to a minimum. I would love to hear your input though. Which type do you think is suitable for my blog?


  1. either the ..36 or the Roman and Williams :)

  2. You have the typeface for Patrick Bateman's business card wrong. It's Garamond, not Times New Roman. Also everything is capitalized. And there was no "c" before the "q" in aquisitions (in Batemans's world).

  3. You're sharp, whoever you are! Do you have a link to the 'real' Patrick Bateman business card? Would love to see it!

    x Vivian