Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cheesy Delights

I've always considered myself a master sandwich builder (boterhammen, we call them in Holland), especially when it comes to cheese sandwiches. Cold or grilled, I would be happy and satisfied knowing that I would eat a delicious cheese sandwich for lunch every day until I die. I like to mix things up and change ingredients though, because I take pride in keeping my taste buds sharp. Aged Gouda, goat cheese, camembert  and gorgonzola are a staple in my fridge. And of course the bread has to be fresh and match my mood, ranging from dark and dense slices to fresh and light baguettes. Just as I was about to dream up today's cheesy delight I found myself inspired by the beautifully photographed sandwiches made by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess. Check out her creations and salivate! What is your favorite sandwich?

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