Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Purse Conundrum

Here's the deal: I've always had an eye on the Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag, but somehow never bought it when it was in stock. Massive error on my side, obviously! So now that my friend Ilonka (top notch fashionista and fellow sucker for Marc) pointed out that 'The Natasha is back' I'm having a really hard time staying calm... 
I'm going on month six of self-inflicted funemployment now, so I'm not exactly in a position to throw around wads of cash on cute purses. But I really want it. And my credit card is burning in my pocket. You know, there's things to consider. Like, what if it will be discontinued again? Or what if they will never make another cute black shoulder bag on the planet ever again? What if this is my only chance to bag heaven, people?! 

Would you buy it? Advice in the comments section below please!

The one and only Natasha


  1. buy it! it's too cute!

  2. Pretty adorable... I have no self control so I understand your predicament. I say go for it if it's under a grand :)

  3. Oooooh it is cute! Tip- I always make sure my bags are big enough to carry a book.

  4. Thanks girls, just what I needed to hear:) I might just have to splurge!

    @ Clair: that is really good advice! I am actually notorious for large everyday bags. They are always big enough to carry at least a phone, keys, wallet, some make-up, a bottle of water, a hair brush, and still have wiggle room. If you're a hoarder like me, a roomy bag comes in handy:)

    x Vivian

  5. I know what you mean... I carry a leather fossil messenger bag as my "purse." It's big enough for me to keep all my normal gear plus a couple of notebooks and such.