Thursday, July 14, 2011

Marits Livingroom Restaurant

A lovely new restaurant just opened in Amsterdam, and I just have to share the news with you. We are talking about the love child of my dear friend Marit who, after many years as a food loving fashion designer, has finally found her true calling and leapt into the culinary world as chef, owner, decorator and most charming hostess at Marits Livingroom Restaurant.

Marits is about delicious food without meat or fish: a sensorial experience of pure cuisine it all its abundant simplicity, served with a distinctive eye for detail. The restaurant is situated in Marit's spacious living room (where actual living is being done when all guests have gone home), which adds to the cozy atmosphere and relaxed, informal setting. In Winter you'll even feel more at home sitting by the wood burning fireplace, and in Summer the blossoming garden is open.

beet gazpacho with horseradish and ginger

For those of you that know Marit it should come as no surprise that in Marit's kitchen you will only find products that have been produced with respect for environment, people and animals. Most of the foods are produced organic, local, sustainable and fair-trade. And the meals are prepared with the same love and care, and with the utmost attention to presentation.

clafoutis with peaches and thyme

It is the perfect place for a celebratory dinner in a private setting. For most people, their living room and kitchen are not suitable. At Marits you can can just enjoy her living room for the night, and bring your family and friends and cook them a dinner together with Marit. Or if you're more into full-on pampering you can also leave everything to Marit, who loves to cook for you! And how awesome is it, when after the last course has been served you can just enjoy some after dinner drinks with your friends at the table and not worry about dishes? Sweet!

Please go ahead and make a reservation here, if you know what's good for you.

candied tomatoes with vanilla and thyme, served with red wine cheese

grilled zucchini with goat cheese and basil

clafoutis with raspberries and oregano

fennel, lentil and orange salad, served with goat cheese toast and onion chutney

endives avocado gazpacho with mint toast

Marits of course serves delicous wines, aperitifs and digestifs

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  1. Oh wow, ziet er stunning uit idd! Ga ik zeker uitproberen. Recensie volgt. Heb jij het goed daar?
    kus, Amber